About Us

I’m Katelyn and I’m from Forest, VA. When I’m not tumblin I’m loving on my husband, 3 crazy kids, dogs and my sugar gliders. I started creating tumblers in 2017 and quickly realized that I had found something that was working... working so well that I quit my “big girl job”. What I wasn’t realizing is that The Custom Cactus IS the BIG GIRL JOB! Running this small but successful business has given me so much confidence and a creative outlet that I never dreamed I’d be able to have.
In 2021 I took a step back from custom orders and went into only Ready to Ship Drops. Soon after, I created Cactus Buds Crafting Community Mentorship. Where I teach the skill of tumbler making and giving helpful business tips. 
In 2022 I’ve released my own vinyl sticker line catered to the maker/crafting community. 
This is all thanks to my customers, family and friends. I’m thankful everyday for the opportunities that I’ve worked hard for, the people who supported me along the way and the God given talent that I’ve received. 
Love ya Cactus Buds! 🌵